Our RV Adventure Begins!

Blog # 1
Title: Patience

Eager to hit the road, we have spent the past 3-weeks “getting our act together.” Our life insurance, retirement accounts and pension issues have been addressed. Still, we wait. What for??? FedEx. FedEx is a day late in delivering one last package to help us bring to the world our story. Sure, we could likely travel without a new drone and our packaged-up mail. But these are choices we make so we can stay in touch with our responsibilities and share our adventures.

Patience: Slow down. I no longer have to zoom across town to make it to work in 20-minutes. Still, the world speeding by at 75 mph is familiar and comfortable until… $100 dollars to fill our GAS TANK!!! Ouch! Okay, slow down and save gas and money. 75 mph is comfortable, but 65 mph is easier on the budget. Wow…another adjustment.

So, where is my package?!?!?! I have to get down the road! Have to? Really? Or what? Will I get fired? Will my boss chew me out? What are the repercussions? Perhaps, what we get to experience tomorrow. But what is to interfere with that? Nothing…really.

Patience: I am bound to the clock. It’s 2:00 and where is my delivery. Waiting is going to make me late! Late… What is late…really? Holding up other people is late. No clock to punch is not late. Day is sunlight and hours are relative, but not critical… Weird! I’m used to working at least 2-jobs and having little time for commute, let alone being patient! BTW…Where is that delivery!!! Is being late really going to affect what happens tomorrow? Probably not. But still!

Time is important and to be appreciated. But inconvenience really does not define time nor our goals. We just have to shift our itineraries and agendas to accommodate setbacks. Time is not etched in stone but our expectations might be. Hmmm…

In this day of Covid19 and employment changes our agendas and time lines are shot. Our expectations for normal has transformed into appreciation for what comes together. The dependability of known resources is gone. Flexibility is necessary and has greatly affected my wife Adrienne and my plans to get on road. We set out 2-steps and take 1-step back to pull together what would already be normally in place. Still, we are forging ahead in spite of people flaking out, details being overlooked, and people working from home…oh the screaming children in the background!!! My God! Put a sock in their mouths!

So, we are slowing down and patiently waiting for our expectations to catch up. We are slowing down to save money. We are slowing down to experience things more richly. Patiently, I wait for my package. I wish it would just get here so I can hurry up and hit the road! Argh!